Property Transfers

Maritime and Offshore Accidents

Family Law

There is no job too small for the Law Office of Craig R. Bordelon, II.  From simple title transfers to donations and sales, the firm is ready and able to assist in ensuring that these transactions are completed diligently so you have the confidence in knowing that they are legally sound and properly executed.

Estate Planning

The most important parts of our personal lives - our families - deserve the highest level of attention and care. While divorce is sometimes unavoidable, it is crucial to seek representation like the Law Office of Craig R. Bordelon, II who will ensure your rights involving child custody and community property are justly preserved. The Law Office of Craig R. Bordelon, II will fight for your right and ensure guidance 

Auto Accidents

Offshore injuries occur far too often, and the law provides unique remedies to injured men and women engaged in maritime and admiralty work due to the heightened dangers present in working offshore. In the oil and gas industry, profit and productivity are sacrificed for personal safety.  When injuries occur, the first battle you will face is simply knowing the rights that the law has given to you.  Seeking fair and just compensation for your injuries from a national or international corporation can be difficult to pursue and even if you know your rights, you can be pressured into quick settlements that do not adequately compensate you for your damages.  The first decision you make can be the most important decision you make.  Choose experienced, competent, and trusted legal counsel.  The Law Office of Craig R. Bordelon, II applies years of experience in litigating maritime and admiralty claims to diligently investigate the accident, set forth the seriousness of your losses, and aggressively pursue the most advantageous result possible for you and your family.

Under Louisiana law, all licensed motorists are required to carry automobile insurance so victims of negligent drivers can be compensated for their property loss and personal injuries. If you are injured in an automobile accident through no fault of your own, insurance companies will clamor to settle with you before you seek legal representation.  The surest way to ensure you will receive 100% of what you are owed is to hire a lawyer who understands the motives and tactics of automobile insurers.  Whether the accident was caused by a single negligent driver or by a company 18-wheeler, the Law Office of Craig R. Bordelon, II will fight to be sure that you are provided the medical care required and the compensation necessary to get you back on your feet.

End of life planning can be an uncomfortable topic and therefore easily ignored.  However, without the proper advice, strategy, and execution, your best wishes may go unfulfilled. The Law Office of Craig R. Bordelon, II will guide you through the process of leaving your family in a secure, comfortable situation.